Let's Celebrate the Good

Welcome to Crazy Good Turns.   Here's what we do:

Why tell inspiring stories?

Because “you get what you celebrate.” That’s the powerful lesson former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake learned while engineering a corporate turnaround. He and former Home Depot VP Brad Shaw saw that, when you celebrate people who did something right, the result was usually more good work—by that person and others.

With their podcast “Crazy Good Turns,” Blake and Shaw are bringing that idea to the world at large. If we celebrate those who do good deeds, will we see more of them? If you hear a story about an inspiring person doing something amazing for somebody else, will you try to be a little better too? We invite you to join us and see.


What’s the meaning behind the name “Crazy Good Turns”?

A “good turn” is a phrase that’s been around for decades. In fact, Shaw, who’s a former Eagle Scout, learned the term well since the Boy Scouts’ slogan is “do a good turn daily.” That just means that you should do something nice for somebody else every day.

What makes a good turn “Crazy”?

What makes a good turn “crazy” is when someone is willing to take a sharp right or left turn in their life to address a need that they see. In many cases, the people featured in our podcast turn their life completely upside down  just to help someone else.

How do you choose who you feature on Crazy Good Turns?

It varies from episode to episode, but in general the people or organizations appearing on Crazy Good Turns have really cool backstories. Often that’s tied to a founder who saw some problem or issue in the world and just really wanting deep down to fix it. And that’s what makes their story so compelling: Why they feel like they do about a cause, and how they gathered the resources to actually address it.

Why should I listen to Crazy Good Turns?

We hope you’ll get two things out of every episode. Number one is that you are going to hear a great story that will make you feel good. If you find yourself sitting in a parked car because you didn’t want to stop listening (something many of our listeners say has happened to them), then we’ve done our jobs. (But don’t worry, our shows are only about 20 minutes long.)

Number two is that we hope you’ll reach the end of that 20 minutes and say, “Wow, that was really inspirational. I’m motivated to go do something good myself.”

Does that mean my Good Turn needs to be Crazy, too?

Look, we know not everyone has the time or resources to go and start a non-profit or dedicate all of their time to building playgrounds for underprivileged kids. There are no good deeds that are too great or too small. Any good is good. Do what you can.



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