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Thank Someone

What is the Crazy Good Turns $50 Thank You Award?

It's simple.

There are many people doing good deeds in this world.

When readers took time to recognize one, we sent the person a Thank You letter and $50 gift card.

A woman holds the Thank You letter she received from Crazy Good Turns

Why did we offer a $50 Thank You?

To show gratitude — and create a moment of delight — for someone who makes the world a little better.

Right now there are people around you who are giving of themselves through their work, their volunteering, or their kindness toward others.

We hope the notes made them feel appreciated, happy and encouraged.

Who Received the Thank You Awards?

Crazy Good Turns sent more than $40,000 in Thank You Awards to some 800 people.

Here are just a few of their stories…
Image for

"When schools in our area closed for the pandemic, kids were losing access to their school lunches. Ramiro announced that his restaurants would be offer FREE lunches for kids in need.

He then opened it up to free kids' meals all day, no purchase necessary, because they didn't want children to go hungry. In less than a month, they'd distributed 688 free kids meals to families out of their 3 locations.

Ramiro, his family and his employees are awesome!"

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"Kelly is amazing! She's been with The Home Depot for 3 years, starting as an order puller, then becoming a supervisor and soon after a Department Head.

Prior to her Home Depot career, Kelly spent 23 years in the Army. She is like the sister I never had. We think a lot alike and we do projects together for the store for special occasions.

I do not know anyone more deserving for a huge "Thank You" for all she does."

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"Andy did the work of two people at Mary Crane Centers when the pandemic hit. Andy and his staff worked extremely hard to connect every family and every child with the resources they need to not just survive but thrive. They used their ingenuity to ensure families had food, diapers, iPads, and connections to other support systems.

They then delivered these items during a time where most people were required to stay quarantined in their homes.

Andy and his staff delivered at a crucial time above and beyond their normal work duties because that is the type of people they are."

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"Christina spent the days after Tropical Storm Cristobal rescuing stranded and injured wildlife.

As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator she's responsible for their care and rehab. She also runs an animal rescue center and is generous with her time and heart.

She's the first to step up to help both animals and people. To raise funds, she makes the best chocolate-dipped cookies and brings them to local EMS agencies. She's a shining star!"

What Did Award Winners Receive?

Each selected nominee received...

  1. A Thank You letter hand-signed by Crazy Good Turns founder Frank Blake
  2. A $50 Gift Card, which they could use however they like

Why was it a hand-signed letter sent by mail?

Because experience shows that receiving something tangible makes the experience more impactful.

We believe that good deeds deserve more attention. So we give it.

 How It Felt to Send a Crazy Good Thanks Award

Their stories span all walks of life. Some are teachers, nurses or firefighters. Others work in restaurants or retail outlets. Still others have retired, or are teenagers (or children) who haven’t yet started their careers. What they all have in common: Kindness toward others.
"My aunt just called me and she was SO HAPPY about receiving her Thank You Award! Wow guys, what an amazing thing you're doing!!! Giving the gift of happiness. Thank you."

Jordan P.

"Thank you Crazy Good Turns for sending my mom a Thank You gift card! I nominated her for all she does in the community, for her work with the Owosso Pregnancy Resource Center, and for making sure those in need have diapers and wipes during this difficult time."

Angie K.

"My son Michael called me yesterday to tell me he received a $50 Gift Card from Crazy Good Turns because I nominated him for being so kind to his employees! As Michael says, 'It was a good Karma day.'"

Bonnie P.

"Thank you, team! Frank, you always said to burn your free fuel first. I'm very thankful you continue to set this example as well as allowing others to jump on board! Thank you for spreading positivity."

Kevin C.

"Thomas Jones received his letter and gift as he delivered my senior meal today. He felt so grateful. We both couldn't believe the goodness of you people. You helped to restore our faith and hope."

Dorothy M.

"I am delighted to report that Catherine called me this morning to say she received her card. She was SO thrilled! In fact, she plans to nominate a couple of people herself because she thinks this is such an amazing idea. Thank you, and all your colleagues, for providing a way for us to acknowledge the folks who are going 'above and beyond' in doing good things for those around them."

Karen P.

Being recognized was heartwarming and special. What your organization does makes a difference.


Make-a-Wish Volunteer

How wonderful is that? To have a physical ‘thank you.’ That was important to [the person I thanked]


Sent two Thank You’s.

When I opened the letter, I started reading and was like, ‘Oh, my goodness.” It felt great that somebody noticed what we were doing. It was a big push for me, and makes me want to continue doing it.


Restaurateur who provided free meals to kids in need

Nominating someone can have a positive impact on their life. I’m an example of that. Somebody did it for me, and I wanted to make sure I pay it forward. We need more active kindness. We need to take the five minutes and be intentional in recognizing and celebrating people who are doing awesome things out there.

Yoanky Hernandez

“Thank You” award nominee and nominator

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