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What Subscribers Are Saying

Image for From Kristi N. 

Loved sharing generosity with one of my favorite workers at my fave restaurants - and she is going to share the $50 with her wonderful colleagues! Thank you dear friends for giving me another opportunity to make someone's day!

- From Kristi N. 

Image for From Lorrie L.

I gave the thank you gift card to a server who had to work late on Christmas Eve. He was very appreciative of the Gift Card as he was working extra hours over the holidays to earn for school expenses for the next semester and this helped. Thank you for allowing us to do this for him!!!

- From Lorrie L.

Image for From Tim M. 

I gave it to a youth leader at our church who has worked diligently to keep the youth engaged all during Covid. He was very appreciative of the kind gift from you all. Thanks for doing this.

- From Tim M. 

Image for From Susan M. 

When we gave her this gift card, she was very grateful and said we didn't know how much she could use it. We were so happy to see her happy!

- From Susan M. 

Image for From Briley B. 

Great story here—I offered the card to our waiter (on the right) at Ponko Chicken in Decatur, GA, and he immediately asked if he could give it to his co-worker who he thought needed it more than he did. Very cool!

- From Briley B. 

Image for From DIane B.

Our server was overjoyed and had tears in her eyes because we chose her!! We frequent Grape Expectations in our little town and she is just the most wonderful girl. Thank you for letting us do this! Feels good to give!

- From DIane B.