Nominate a person or organization for a $10,000 award! Select causes will have a chance to appear in an episode.
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You Can Make a Major Gift to a Cause That Matters — At No Cost to You

Crazy Good Turns is awarding $10,000 donations to organizations suggested by listeners. Nominate your cause today.

What’s happening?

For a second straight year, Crazy Good Turns — the podcast that recognizes and celebrates people doing great things for others — is making $10,000 donations available to charities, nonprofits or other organizations nominated by listeners. Any entity doing work to improve the lives of others is eligible.
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Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can. You may be involved with the organization as a member, volunteer or even a founder — but you don't have to be. You could also be — or have been — someone served by the organization.

Or if you know of a group doing good work in your community, that's welcome too.

What It's Like: A Nominator Speaks

Listener Rick Planos helped Curt's Cafe receive a $10,000 Award

"I love Crazy Good Turns. I learn something valuable every time I listen. It's encouraged me to read all kinds of books that I might not have ever known about. But behind the scenes they are incredibly impactful supporters of great causes."

How to make a nomination?

To nominate an organization, simply fill out this form. You'll need to provide:
  • Name & contact information for the organization.
  • A brief story about the group and what they do.
  • A video (if possible).

What happens after I make a nomination?

The winner will be selected by our committee. There are no official criteria or requirements. Any organization receiving an award will be notified in the late summer or early fall.

If you know of friends, family or others who would support the organization, ask that they send in a nomination also. When we hear from multiple people on behalf of an organization, we can see it's making a real impact.

By making a nomination, you'll be added to our email subscriber list - or what we call the #GoodTurnsTeam. You'll receive notices about our latest shows or blog posts (usually just 1-2 messages per month). And you'll get updates about our giveaways and good turns activations, like our thank you campaign or "tip a server" challenge.

Any organization receiving an award will be notified in the fall, and then featured in our December episode.

What past winners say…

"The grant money helped us assist families with critically ill children by providing financial aid for immediate needs. Your donation allowed us to say yes to our families in need. [The award] was truly such a blessing."

Patrice Brooks, Just Keep Smiling (Gardendale, Alabama)

"The grant money has allowed us to continue our programming in five school districts. [Making a nomination] is a way to to exponentially support a cause you're passionate about."
Kevin Peyton, Joshua's Place (Cincinnati, Ohio)

"Please nominate — it makes it so much better for the organization, which in turns makes things better for the committees, which makes it better for families. Our hearts are still sooo full for the amazing gift!!!"
Cindy Whittemore, Hearts and Hooves Corral (Chattanooga, Tennessee

When can I make a nomination?

Nominations are open as of June 18 and stay open through the end of August. The winner will be featured in our December 2024 episode.

Where do I go to make a nomination?

Here's the link to the form for making a nomination.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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