Let’s Do Something Crazy Good for Ill Kids!

Special Spectators
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Submit your email, and we will donate $1 to Special Spectators, which gives ill children and their families a VIP College Gameday experience.

We’re donating $1 for every email we receive, at no cost to you. Sign up and you’ll help send a kid to a game.

Our goal: To cover the costs for up to 100 kids and family members by November 17, 2018.

By signing up, you’ll help send kids to one of the following games:

Oklahoma vs. Baylor (Sept. 29)
Ohio State vs. Indiana (Oct. 6)
Miami vs. Duke (Nov. 3)
Tennessee vs. Kentucky (Nov. 10)
Alabama vs. The Citadel (Nov. 17)

At each game, the kids, and their families, will be treated like the heroes they are.

Special Spectators
They get to go into the locker rooms and meet their favorite players.

Special Spectators
They get to stand on the sidelines amid all the action.

Special Spectators
And they get to walk onto the field and feel the support as 80,000+ fans cheer them on.

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Help bring a smile to a kid who needs it.


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This is SO good! Can’t thank you enough for the inspiration this morning.


Your efforts to spotlight the good in this world is applauded. You guys are heroes in my mind. I pray for your efforts to be contagious.


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Help bring a smile to a kid who needs it.

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