S. 3 Ep. 12
June 5, 2018
S. 3 Ep. 12
June 5, 2018

Team Music is Love turns fans into volunteers and concerts into opportunities to make a difference. See how country singer Martina McBride takes her foundation on tour with her.

Team Music is Love turns fans into volunteers and concerts into opportunities to make a difference. See how country singer Martina McBride takes her foundation on tour with her.

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About Martina McBride and Fans Spread the Love

Every year, thousands of musical acts go on tour and perform shows in front of millions of fans. But for fans of country music singer Martina McBride, the day of the concert is more than just a chance to cheer and sing along. It’s a chance to make a difference.

“They’re just a very special breed of people,” Sheila Jones says of McBride’s fans. “I think they just feel so deeply and I think her music does that for you.”

Jones is the executive director of Martina McBride’s Team Music is Love Foundation. For the past seven years and counting, she’s paired the needs of local communities with the eagerness of McBride’s fans to give back. The results have been impressive – hundreds of thousands of pounds of food distributed, thousands of concert tickets given to those in need, and countless special memories made.

“I love the things that we’ve been able to do with it so far,” McBride says. “Building the music program in Guatemala. The cancer research grant that we were able to do. Sending food trucks down to Texas and Florida…I feel like it’s just going to have a ripple effect, starting little but getting widespread.”

In this episode, you’ll hear how one country star is using her platform to make a difference — and how one fan brought it all to life.

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