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Frank Blake

Sending Crazy Good Thanks: Gifts for Good

We will pay to send a $50 “Thank You” gift to anyone you would like to celebrate for helping others. Nominate someone today.

How To Give

Right now the world faces an incredible challenge.

The COVID-19 outbreak is making hundreds of thousands of people ill. Lives have been tragically cut short. The burden on health care, and those who provide it, is enormous. And the impact stretches far outside the walls of our hospitals.

But amid these harsh circumstances, people help one another in ways big and small. Everyday heroes emerge, and communities come together in new ways.

When you click on one of the links here to nominate a person, you'll be taken to a Google Form. There, you'll need to provide just five things:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. The name of the person you wish to nominate
  4. Their story: Why you're nominating them
  5. Their address (*Or your address if you don't have theirs, but will give them the card in person)

That's it.

For their story, we'd love to hear about the example they're setting, and why you feel it's important to say thank you.

We need to know their name and address so we can send them the gift card. If you don't know their address, there are a few options:

  • Perhaps you could send it to their attention at their workplace. For example, if you wanted to say thank you to a firefighter, you could use the address of their firehouse. Or if it were someone who worked at a grocery store, you could use the address of the store itself.
  • We'll send the card to you, and you can give it to the person. We're on the honor system here, and trusting that you'd do the right thing.

We do reserve the right to request more info, or reject requests if necessary. And due to logistical reasons, we have to limit the gifts to within the United States (for now).

This is a great way for us collectively to express our gratitude and recognize the Crazy Good Turns happening around us every single day.

So I hope you'll take a pause, and I hope you'll go and nominate someone who's done something good for you or somebody else.

Share their story HERE and we will send them a "Thank You" card and the $50 gift card

We hope you'll do that today, and think you'll feel better for it.

Many thanks and stay healthy.

Send A Thank You

Nominate someone you know who’s done a good turn for others. We’ll send them a “Thank You” note, plus a $50 gift card, just for being an example of graciousness during extraordinarily difficult times.You can send this gift at no cost to yourself, or to the person receiving it. There are no strings attached.

This is simply a way to say thank you and to celebrate the generosity and kindness of others. Send a gift to a person you’d like to thank TODAY.

Why Thank Someone?

Recognizing and celebrating good deeds is the reason Crazy Good Turns was founded. We wish to acknowledge the incredible kindness and generosity happening around us. In this episode, we’re asking for your help.

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