Celebrate Good Deeds

Check out our latest Thank You Campaign where we donated $27,800 to those doing good for others. We had nominations for this campaign from 45 states. You can see all of the details from the campaign here.

We launched this show because we believe that doing good is contagious. Our co-founder, former Home Depot CEO Frank Blake, says that in life, "you get what you celebrate."

People who are celebrated for their good deeds want to do more of them. When others see someone's kind actions celebrated, they want to do good too.

If you know of someone who's out there making a difference, give them a shout out here. Or if you are that person, tell us about what you're doing. Don't let great work go unnoticed. Let's celebrate good deeds together.

Share Your Story

If you hear a story about an inspiring person doing something amazing for somebody else, will you try to be a little better too? We invite you to join us and see.

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