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Saying 'Thanks' To People Who Make Your World Great

To date, Crazy Good Turns has sent more than $40,000 in Thank You Awards to people nominated by listeners like you.

Here are just a few of their stories…
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"Ms. Shannon Whiting was my son's preschool teacher for 2 years and has had a lasting impact on him. She is one of the kindest souls we have ever met and truly has a heart of gold.

"She continues to watch out for our son even though he is no longer in her class. His eyes light up when he talks about her or sees her. She is the main reason he doesn't cry anymore when he goes to school.

"We are forever grateful to have her in our lives!"

--Mary Catherine Riddick

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"Jesse Eldridge owns and operates a "Home Cooking" take-and-bake restaurant. He makes sure that when there is a fundraiser going on in town, he is there with pizzas, sandwiches and salads for everyone. He makes sure that even if you don't have enough money for food, that you will be able to get something from his place.

"He never asks for help and I know he really needs help right now. Costs are going way up and he's keeping his prices very low so people can still afford it.

"Jesse gives to the community on a daily basis. He has a very big heart for everyone around."

-Julie Weller

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"Terri Cook is our operations manager at store #0201 as well as our community captain. Terri loves to go out in the community spending time with the local police and fire departments gaining resources throughout our community finding organizations and people in need.

"Terri has a big heart and wants to help everyone. She is someone to look up to!!"

-Tina Woodall and team

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"Kay Peterson remembered every occasion over the years, and never failed to send a card!

"You have made every birthday, holiday, and special event over the years so much better with your thoughtful cards.

"It is so appreciated!"

-Tina Rice

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